Reach Capacity

Draw a Crowd
A Tumo-Kohrs performance is that rare event where country music fans, jazz connoisseurs, roots admirers, and pop audiences all end up in the same room. Our work is authentic, honest, and human – qualities that allow us to span genres and attract large, diverse audiences to your venue.

Fill the Room
We are only two people, but we sound like twenty. Just like a full band, except that we’re a heck of a lot easier to organize! We fill the room with our rich, thoughtfully crafted, and heartfelt music. Which means we have no trouble filling the room with people too.

Keem 'Em Coming Back!
Tumo-Kohrs provides musical sophistication that is accessible to expert and novice alike. You don’t need to know the Lydian scale to cry when you hear "Well Enough Alone" or be familiar with 5/8 time to groove to our version of "Scarlet Town." But it doesn’t hurt if you do! Our music will impress even the most experienced musicians. But, more importantly, it will move them. And that’ll keep them coming back for more!

Mark Tuomenoksa